TYO UK presents Katka Kasadara 2

For the second year running TYO UK’s KatkaKasadara was an immense success. The finals took place on the 18thFebruary at the HighgatehillMurugan Temple. Having held the regional rounds at various locations in London the finalists came together to compete against one another. The panel of judges had an enormous task of choosing the top three contestants from each age group.


6 & Under

1st: Jeshvin Jesudas (6)

2nd: Sarujan Thavarajah (6)

3rd: Venuja Natkunasingham (5)

Special award: Adavan Ananthan (4)

7 to 10

1st: Abiramy Sriskantharajah (9)

2nd: Nivethika Ganesalingam (8)

3rd: Powrniha Karunakaran (10)

11 to 14

1st: AswiniyAnanthan (11)

2nd: SaminthaThavarajah (12)

3rd: PiraveenaKirupakaran (13)

TYO proudly started the prize giving ceremonywith the Mangalavilakku (the welcome light) lit by PullavarSivanathan and wife. Followed by a one-minute silence which was observed to remember all those lost to Sri Lanka’s genocidal repression and the Tamil struggle to protect their identity.

TYOpresented a speech stating the importance of language, an essential aspect of our identity, it reflects our culture and echoes who we are. The speech encouraged the children to carry on the tradition and to get them involved in the future events. TYO are proud to be able to share our culture and identity to our generations down the line. Next TYO members presented a spectacular classical performance, two singers accompanied by miruthangam.The performers sang “Tamil thaivaalthu – ValkaNirantharam” beautifully.

Following the classical line, remarkable Bharathanatyadance acts were given by the students of Miss.A.Ananthan, Mrs.H.Sugumar and Mrs.P.Ravindran.

An excellent classical vocal performance, showing how many students can come together in unison was given by the students of SANSKRITI. Followed bya stunning vocal performance accompanied by the violin and miruthangam consisting of seven singers were performed by the students of North London Tamil School. This gave the audience a sensational harmony to their ears SANSKRITI then gave a beautiful bharathanatyam dance, four classical dancers showing the use of colour and the ability to add to the meaning of the dance. Mrs.H.Sugumar students displayed use of expression and elegant movement to depict three peacocks.

At the peak of the evening TYO gave an interesting presentation, a video summarising its aims including the past events organised by the councils of TYO UK since 2004. This received a well-deserved round of applause from the audience. The chief GuestPullavarSivanathan gave his speech in the form of a poem. He praised TYO for its effort in preserving and promoting the Tamil language. ‘Carry the flame, the Tamil torch bearers’.

North London Tamil School presented a fantastic fusion dance with a modern twist.Another outstanding classical dance followed about the Tamil language by the students of Diyaneera Academy of Dance.

TYO gave an uplifting dance depicting the significance of the Tamil language as a classical language. The judges were presented with gifts as a token of our appreciation and the evening concluded with a vote of thankswhich included our sponsors, audience, participants and parents.

TYO will continue to walk sure-footed and remain grounded as we continue to work for our Nation preserving our identity. We will continue to keep our eyes on the prize because the harder we fall the higher we will rise.

We should all have the right to speak our mother tongue and to pass it on to our children no matter where we live.This is not a privilege, it is a right.

TYO would like to applaud the children’s accomplishments and express it’s sincere thanks to the children and their parents for their time and dedication and wishes them all the best in their future endeavours.

As one mother, Mrs.Vickneswaran cited ‘The generations to come will recall the Tamil Youth Organisation’s effort in preserving the Tamil language in the United Kingdom’. We will not fail in living up to these words.


Regional rounds:

North East Winners 2012 

6 & under 7 – 10 11 – 14
1 Sarujan Thavarajah (6) Thansaja Natkunasingham (7) Samintha Thavarajah (12)
2 Venuja Natkunasingham (5) Shopeitha Ravithas (7) Aswiniy Ananthan (11)
3 Adavan Ananthan (4) Yarushcaa Thavarajah (9) Piraveena Kirupakaran (13)


North West Winners 2012 

6 & under 7 – 10 11 – 14
1 Jeshvin Jesudas (6) &
Gaayathiry Suthakaran (6)
Powrniha Karunakaran (10) &
Yasinthan Vickneswaran (8)
Preththa Santhiran (13)
2 Tharmiga Vickneswaran (6) &
Rithunan Satchithanantharasa (6)
Nithusan Karunakaran (8) Nivetha Hillary (12)
3 Nitharssana Karunakaran (6) Puvitha Srivarathan (9) Shamini Santhiran (11)


South East Winners 2012 

6 & under 7 – 10 11 – 14
1 Meenatchi Thanasingam (6) Viduja Surendrabalakumar (8) &
Thinesa Pushparatha (8)
Gayathiry Kanthavel (11)
2 Vaishna Varathan (6) &
Aaranya Gnaneswaran (6)
Sethuja Gangatharan ( 7) &
Leka Pathmanathan (9)
Maathini Thiraviyarajah (14)
3 Kajananan Kirupakaran (6) Hareeshan Elankeeran (8) Bavani Thiraviyarajah (12)


South West Winners 2012 

6 & under 7 – 10 11 – 14
1 Kasthury Aruleesan (5) Abiramy Sriskantharajah (9) &
Ivon Akelan Kandiah (9)
Chowmi Eswarakumar (14)
2 Sambavi Jeyadasan (4) Nivethika Ganesalingam (8) Chankave Eswarakumar (12)
3 Aksan Gunaseelan (5)
Special prize – Khurinjikan Ramesh (6)
Thivyesh Baskaran (8)


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