6th annual Thirukkural competition Katka Kasadara

Tamil Youth Organisation – United Kingdom (TYO UK) organised the grand finals of the sixth annual Thirukkural competition Katka Kasadara to mark Thai Pongal and Tamil New Year. The event took place on Saturday 16th January 2016 in Lewisham, London, where TYO UK members also celebrated the traditional festival of Pongal and Tamil New Year.

The Thirukkural, an ancient Tamil manuscript, expounds on various aspects of life and is one of the most important works in the Tamil language. TYO UK in its initiative to preserve, promote and nurture our cultural heritage takes pride in successfully continuing Katka Kasadara project onto its sixth year. The support of the participants’ parents and our sponsors, were immense and continue to motivate us in this journey of promoting our traditions, heritage, culture and identity. We would like to thank everyone for their contribution.

TYO UK members bearing traditional festive items came together to successfully celebrate Pongal/Tamil New Year with some putting up the traditional Tamil decorations, some creating the traditional drawing Kolam, whilst others set up the fire for the Mann Paanai (clay pot). As the milk began to boil, the members gathered around chanting the traditional calls of “Pongalo Pongal!” after which to finish of the festival of thanksgiving to nature, girls and boys got-together to perform the traditional folk dance, Kummi. Many children also took part in the celebrations and were amazed to be part of a rich heritage. Children celebrated by joining hands and created an atmosphere filled with warmth and laughter.

TYO UK also commemorated the 23rd annual remembrance of Colonel Sathasivam Krishnakumar (affectionately known as Kittu Anna). TYO UK members gathered to remember Kittu Anna by paying their respect and standing in silence to remember the sacrifice made by him. Colonel Kittu Anna, who was a brave and uncompromising warrior, is remembered by the Tamil people for his charisma and his exemplified virtues of a true revolutionary leader. Members paid their respects by lighting a sacrificial flame and laying flowers, as they took an oath to continue in their path working towards the rights of the Tamil nation.

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