The Ultimate Sacrifice – poem competition

Theoverwhelming question raised by many is why the title ‘Athi Unatha Arpanippu'(The Ultimate Sacrifice) for a poem competition. Some may think it is prettystraight forward; on the other hand some may not have the slightest of clues.

The titlecame about to commemorate those who made ‘The Ultimate Sacrifice’ for OURnation. Little do many know what that sacrifice is. It is what we all value themost, LIFE. To have the courage and bravery to withstand all is not a gift atbirth, yet our HEROES fought till their last breath with all their blood, sweatand tears poured into our nation.

Wedecided to take this opportunity to show that we are forever grateful for thosewho made ‘The Ultimate Sacrifice’ by holding a poem competition. Participantswere given the choice to construct their poem in Tamil or English whichreceived wide support and encouragement from all over the world from countriessuch as England, France, Germany, Swiss and even India. Children as young as 13took part, not only to compete but also to remember the fallen. The passionwithin these young souls is desirable, the tone and emphasis made for each wordcultivated everyone, listeners were able to visualise the pain and sorrow.

Like oneyouth said ‘You Rest In Peace, We’ll do the rest to achieve peace’

Winning Poem : Utayakumar Thiyagarajah

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