40th anniversary of a revolutionary movement

Today marks the 40th anniversary of a revolutionary movement that unified a people into an uncompromising true liberation movement. LTTE gave us Tamil people, not just Eela Thamizhar, but also Tamils the world over a, now, deep inseparable sense of pride and self esteem. We finally felt, as a people we did not have to more »

Women’s of Tamileelam, #IWD2016

International Women’s day They rose to protect their nation breaking social norms and customary traditions. They stood up against oppression and fought side by side with their male counterparts. They succeeded on numerous fronts showing determination, resilience and fortitude. They are the women of Tamileelam. “When we see our sisters, and mothers raped by the more »

My introduction to my mother language by Tiksi

I have this vision where I am a little girl sitting on someone’s lap and writing the first word of our alphabet on a plate of rice. That was my introduction to my mother language, Tamil. Until this day it makes me sad that I had to leave my mother-land before I could fully learn more »

Remembering Sencholai massacre BY INDU RAJ

I screamed. I ran. I hid. Just a few hours ago we were all learning the required First Aid skills to attend to wounded people. The workshop was meant to last ten days and we were in our second day. There was a total of 400 students attending the same workshop. At 7 am Kfir more »

The 3rd Facade

Calls for an independent, international investigation into the crimes of ongoing genocide against the Eelam Tamil nation by Sri Lanka has been a constant practice of Tamils in the homeland, diaspora and Tamil Nadu for at least the past five years. Since the end of the Mullivaikkaal massacre in May 2009, the supposed ‘end’ to more »

Tamil research conference massacre -10.01.1974

Tamils were preparing on a grand scale to hold a Tamil Research conference in Jaffna during 3-10 January in 1974. The government of Sri Lanka at that time did not like holding this Tamil research conference in Jaffna. The government continued to place hurdles to the organizers in Colombo and also in Jaffna through the more »

Navi Pillay’s visit to Sri Lanka, what does this mean to the Tamils?

Published on Reach Magazine Vol 2 Written by Sanju Ganesan, TYOUK member Navanethem Pillay (Navi Pillay), High Commissioner for United Nations Human Rights visited the genocidal state of Sri Lanka to assess the progress it has been making in the post-war era, i.e. post-Mullivaaikkaal. She is due to give an oral report on the findings more »