The Reserved Heroes

Both, with wisdom, that spoke through their eyes,
Who had risen through the ranks, with courage and skill.
For all they fought for, was in the hope for our nation to equalise
They lived their life for all that is, Tamil.

Two, so superior, yet so human
Fought besides many, to bring the justice that we deserve.
Their leadership, success, trust and battle acumen
Built the confidence for many to serve.

Frontmen standing on the battleground,
First to be there to shield the bullets and the shelling,
For their loyalty and strength, tho humble they were, they will always be crowned,
For the cause they kept going, for us to keep dreaming.

Fighters conquering the roads of tackle,
And through direct confrontations they stood so tall.
Many lost, yet they was not ones to buckle,
Standing as a shield to our people and our homeland, our front wall.

Fearless, strategic, skilled and many more implied,
Embedded in our hearts and in our minds, as we recall
All their victories and leadership against the genocide.
Yet, this is not all.

For we will keep them in spirit,
“To bring the long awaited liberation to our people and our homeland” as dictated.
Our national heroes and marveeras, our soldiers with true grit,
The time will come for our Eelam, as they had awaited.

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