TYO UK hosted a workshop with ANBU UK on taboo topics within the Tamil community

On Wednesday 14th October, TYO UK hosted a workshop for 19 universities alongside ANBU UK on taboo topics within the Tamil community. Relationships and consents were covered for the first segment of the sessions for the committees to be trained in understanding what a healthy relationship consists of and how to maintain boundaries within relationships, alongside the importance of consent. Following a lunch break, the workshop continued onto Identity.

Identity taught attends to understand different sexualities within our community and provided training on how to be able to support someone. The workshop when on to conclude with mental health and student life. With the approach of restrictions in socialising, there is immense pressure on mental health within the community. Students were giving group sessions to discuss different scenarios within the university life and analysed effective approaches to be able to provide support. Across the 3 sessions, there were over 50 students who attended the training session through the course of the day.

Universities involved in the training:

  • City, University of London
  • University College London
  • University Of Greenwich
  • University Of Liverpool
  • University Of Nottingham
  • Aston University
  • Kings College London
  • University Of York
  • University of Manchester
  • Royal Holloway, University of London
  • St George’s, University of London
  • Queen Mary, University London
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • Brunel, University London
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Warwick
  • University of East Anglia
  • Barts, London School of Medicine and Dentistry

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