TYOUK proudly presents Katka Kasadara 5

Katka Kasadara has been successfully held by TYO UK for the past five years, kick starting its fifth annual competition holding three of its regional rounds on Saturday 10th January 2015 at North West London, South East London and South West London. The last of its regional round was held on Sunday 11th January 2015, at North East London. Although Katka Kasadara is a London based competition, we had a great interest from participants outside of London, ranging from Kent to Milton Keynes.

Final Pics: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.922109524475132.1073741862.323626334323457&type=3

NE: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.915970228422395.1073741856.323626334323457&type=3

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SW: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.916150628404355.1073741860.323626334323457&type=3

NW: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.915972051755546.1073741857.323626334323457&type=3

Thirukkural is one of the most prestigious literary works in Tamil. It was written by Thiruvalluvar using couplets clarifying various aspects of one’s life. It educates us how to cover different feelings and resources that we test in one’s personal life, and his interactions with others. Thirukkural consists of 1330 couplest known as Kurals, under 133 sections, each of which consists of 10 versus. It is divided into three sections, known as Virtue (Aram), Wealth (Porul) and Love (Inbam). TYO UK’s Katka Kasadara competition is an attempt to educate the younger generation of the various Thirukkural, Tholkappiyam and Aathisoodi. It gives a chance for children up to the age of 15 to take part, and embrace our Tamil Language and Literature.

The winners of the regional rounds are as follows:


  Rank London South East London North West London South West London North East
5 & Under Age Group
First Ananya Rajindrakumar Kariss Kirupananthaparathiyar Nivedha Kumar Varunavy Thavaganesh
First Kajeena Pathmaruban Divyaish Amarnath Suruthy Srivarathan
Second Kabeena Vigneswaran Shajeev Kogularasan Arush Buvanenthiralingam
Second Aswin Raveendren
Third Luxmitha Inthiran Sahana Lathaan Thulaxsaa Sutharsan
Third Thishan Suresh
6 – 7 Age Group
First Thismika Mohanarasan Aayagi Thavarasakumaran Adavan Ananthan
First Preethiha Subaskkaran
Second Rohisan Pathmaruban Jeyneesha Thurairasa Krishnajan Kathirkamanathan
Second Thamarai Sivanesan Akshaya Kobinath
Third Sobikan Sivavarathan Mithushan Sriskantharajah Hashani Vipulanantha
Third Kochiga Raveendran Thenila Arunasalam Jananee Jeyanesan
8 – 9 Age Group
First Meenatchi Thanasingam Jeshvin Jesudas Abisna Ravi
Second Adshana Sivakumar Karsan Kirupananthaparathiyar
Third Pranavi Vigneswaran
Third Nirros Sarvamohan
10 – 12 Age Group
First Jenusan Krishnalingam Harshini Amarnath Abiramy Sriskantharajah Tharun Srivarathan
First Puvitha Srivarathan
Second Sethujah Gangatharan Kirussa Kirupananthaparathiyar Suraby Pushpaharan
Third Mithuna Vigneswaran Neethykai Saravanabavan Charanee Paraneeharan
13 – 15 Age Group
First Sangavi Mohanarasan Janushan Gnanapaskaran Aswiniy Ananthan
Second Karissnitha Kathirkamanathan
Third Nilogy Sripathmanathan


After successful completion of the regional rounds, the final was held on Saturday 24th January 2015 at Villiers High School in North West of London, where we saw some very promising participants.

The winners of Katka Kasadara 5 final are as follows:

AGE GROUP 1ST Place 2nd Place 3rd place
13 – 15
Janushan Gnanapaskaran Nilogy Sripathmanathan Sangavi Mohanarasan
10 – 12 Tharun Srivarathan Puvitha Srivarathan Harshini Amarnath
8 – 9 Meenatchi Thanasingam Jeshvin Jesudas Abisna Ravi
6 – 7 Adavan Ananthan Krishnajan Kathirkamanathan Preethiha Subaskkaran
5 & Under Varunavy Thavaganesh Suruthy Srivarathan Luxmitha Inthiran

Following the final round of the competition was the prize giving ceremony which consisted of various speeches and songs giving a complete cultural show by the younger generation. Parents, friends and relatives of the participants were present to cheer on their progress and congratulate the winners. The highlight of the ceremony was an inspirational speech given by a five year old, where she spoke about the importance of preserving our identity and language by communicating with our children and fellow Tamils in our mother tongue.

Katka Kasadara 5 received many positive feedbacks and we also appreciate the constructive feedback that was given, which will be improved upon next year. Overall Katka Kasadara 5 was accomplished successfully without any major issues. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, Goshin Isshinryu Karate Association, New Kannan Stores and Nathalaya – Academy of Rhythmic Arts for their continuous support. We would also like to thank Lewisham Sivan Kovil, South West London Tamil School, Sri Selva Vinayagar Kovil, and Hillingdon Thamil Kalvi Koodam for accommodating our Regional Rounds and last but not the least; we would like to sincerely thank all of our Judges for their continuous support in assisting with the competition.


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