York University Tamil Students Association mark Multicultural Week asserting Tamil Identity

The York University Tamil Students Association (YUTSA) marked the Multicultural Week (MCW) organized by York University asserting Tamil identity. Over forty student clubs participated in the Multicultural Week organized by the York Federation of Students (YFS) from February 12th to February 15th representing their respective countries. Multicultural Week featured various competitions in which each student clubs were rated and scored. YUTSA had an impressive showing placing 2nd overall amongst over forty campus club participants.

In a prominent display of Tamil identity, YUTSA unfurled the Tamileelam National flag as presenting the Tamil Nation during the opening day. The Tamileelam National flag was hoisted along with the flags of the world. In all competitions and themes YUTSA displayed the Tamileelam National flag using the theme of “Tamil Identity” as their theme throughout the week. In various competitions that took place on campus a prominent display of Tamil culture was noticeable, from clothing to food was also proudly presented.

“We should be proud of our identity. Everything that makes us up we should be proud of, from our flag to our rich language to our cultural attire to the food that we eat. Today we have shown the entire world that we are an ancient, unique and proud Nation with a rich history, heritage and traditions. Our flag too was flying high and proud” said Purushothaman Kugarajah, President of the York University Tamil Students Association.

YUTSA had top placements in: Most Politically Conscious, Dance Performance and Fashion show. In the overall competition, YUTSA placed an impressive second place. The Indian Cultural Association (ICA) representing India placed first place.





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