#COP26 – World leaders have turned a blind eye on genocider Gothabaya Rajapaksa

Hundreds of Eelam Tamil protesters gathered in Glasgow, Scotland where the crucial 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26 summit is taking place. The protestors ensured the arrival of the genocider Gothabaya Rajapaksa was unwelcome by diaspora Tamils.

The Sri Lankan president accused of genocide and war crimes was the defense secretary during the peak of the Tamil genocide in 2009. The Sri Lankan state’s long history of genocide of Eelam Tamils is one that the world leaders have turned a blind eye to. Eelam Tamils have once again used this opportunity to raise awareness of the wrongdoings and continue to seek justice for Genocide.

The protestors voiced that Gothabaya Rajapaksa and other Sri Lankan genociders, war criminals must be held accountable for the heinous crimes unleashed on the Eelam Tamil nation. There is mounting evidence to show that no fire zones were assigned for by the Sri Lankan state for Tamil civilians to take refuge and be protected and sheltered during May 2009. However, the Sri Lankan state’s calculated and deliberate intention to murder shone through when they started attacking the district of Mullivaikkal, a government declared “no-fire zone”. This was directed by the current Sri Lankan president Gothabaya Rajapaksa. The Sri Lankan forces attacked makeshift hospitals continuously, killing and wounding many people. The Tamil civilians were denied medical supplies and essential foods such as powdered milk for children, causing them to die of malnutrition. The families of the disappeared continue to protest back home, questioning the authorities about what has happened to their loved ones. 12 years on, they still have no answers.

The Sri Lankan state continues their structural genocide to this day. Land grabs, militarisation, forced sterilisation are to name a few methods used upon our nation. The Eelam Tamils will not be silenced until justice is served.

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