Tamil youth across the world endorse the Eelam Tamil Sovereignty Declaration

Today Tamil Youth Organisation from the diaspora and youth movements from Tamil Nadu recognises the Sovereignty of the Eelam Tamil nation and the principles of the struggle, deliberated at the TYO UK conference.

The activists reaffirmed the fundamental principles enshrined in the Vaddukoddai Declaration of 1976 and Thimpu Declaration of 1985 and adopted this declaration as a milestone for the national struggle of the Eelam Tamils.

At the conference that took place in London, TYO UK activists illustrated the history and the basis of the struggle for freedom, how they hold historical and earned sovereignty. After this it was made clear how Eelam Tamils are eligible for the right to remedial sovereignty, based on the failure of the international community’s responsibility to protect.

TYO UK advocacy presented the case of Eelam Tamil nation’s right to self-determination and through which these cases become applicable. Another TYO UK member presented a presentation on behalf of TYO UK illustrating their aims and motives.

The declaration released rejects the occupation of Eelam Tamil homeland by the Sri Lankan state as well as stating that

We will not compromise on the principles of Homeland, Nation and Self-determination, rejecting any collaboration of Tamil Diaspora organisations that lends legitimacy to the unitary state of Sri Lanka.”

We as Eelam Tamil youth of the Diaspora and the students of Tamil Nadu are working together, with coordination towards the fulfilment of true justice for the Eelam Tamil nation. The Tamil Sovereignty Cognition conference re-emphasised the need to stay focused on the Eelam Tamils’ national question. As well as setting the next step forward towards the achievement of the struggle it also showcased the unity of the Tamil youth in the international arena to voice genocide.

Tamil Sovereignty Declaration: TSC declaration

Tamil Sovereignty Cognition: TSC statement

Signed by:

Balachandran Students Movements Tamil Naadu
Loyala Hungerstrike Tamil Naadu
Naam Tamilar Maanavar Paasarai Tamil Naadu
Tamil Youth Organisation Australia
Tamil Youth Organisation Belgium
Tamil Youth Organisation Canada
Tamil Youth Organisation Denmark (Thesaigal)
Tamil Youth Organisation France
Tamil Youth Organisation Germany
Tamil Youth Organisation Italy (Giovani Tamil)
Tamil Youth Organisation New Zealand
Tamil Youth Organisation Norway
Tamil Youth Organisation Sweden
Tamil Youth Organisation Switzerland
Tamil Youth Organisation United Kingdom
Tamil youths & students federation Tamil Naadu

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