Tamil youth mark November as month of remembrance and commemoration

November marks an important month in the hearts and minds of Tamils across the globe.  It is during this month that the first martyr, Lieutenant Shankar, sacrificed his life for the freedom of our people and for the establishment of an independent homeland for Tamils, Tamileelam.  Since the martyrdom of Lieutenant Shankar, thousands and thousands more »

Independent, international investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka

Please sign petition “Independent, international investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka” Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office We, the undersigned, call upon the British Government to support the establishment of an independent, international inquiry into the credible allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Sri Lanka during the final months of more »

Letter to send to your MP

A sample letter has been written below. This is all you have to do. Go to http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/ Find your MP, click on their website and get their email address. Copy ad paste the sample letter filling in the gaps below. (**MP NAME**, **YOUR TOWN**, **YOUR NAME**) CLICK SEND! Your MP, by law, has to respond more »