Vaddukoddai Refrendum – VOTE YES

We have all written our past; through our successes and our mistakes, through the glory of our efforts and the darkness brought on by our lack of patience, the past of our people has been scrawled in our own handwriting.

Rare is the opportunity however to be explicitly handed the chance of writing our own future, and yet here it is, in the form of The Vaddukoddai Referendum; a ballot paper and a pen, poised in the position of marking ‘’Yes’’-We want Tamil Eelam.

As a youth organisation so exposed to the Western world, it is our responsibility to endorse the opportunity to democratically promote the notion of Tamil Eelam. It is also our fundamental right and purpose to be able to express the aspirations of our people in the political framework of the country in which we live.

At present, our relatives back home are victims of a ruthless author, who writes only the most tragic and merciless of endings. This author is none other than the Sri Lankan State. Even as the Government within Sri Lanka changes and Presidents come and go, the State remains the same. The State will only ever write one ending for the Tamil’s and that is one where we are to endure oppression in silence. Any attempt at making our voices heard will be met by violence and further subjugation.

TYO can only encourage their fellow Tamil’s to vote in favour of Tamil Eelam, as we know this to be the only option that assures sustainable peace. We also know that our liberation, even as Tamils living abroad, is bound to all those back home, and until we free them, our arms and legs are still tied with chains and we bear the sign ‘’homeless’’. Let us no longer carry this shame. Let us be united and reclaim our homeland.

The ending to this story has not yet been written; it is the Tamil people who now hold the pen, therefore we shall write our own future.

The future of Tamil Eelam is in our hands- Vote ‘’Yes’’.

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