18th May 2010 – War crimes day

Our dear Tamil Eelam brothers and sisters, the 18th of May marks a significant day for our people and our country. It has been year since the racist Sinhala government destroyed everything we had. With their bombs of terror, and their heartless acts of discrimination, they eradicated our land, our homes, our lives, and OUR HEROES. This day will not only be a day solely of remembrance, but will more importantly be a day when all our fingers point in solidarity at a repulsive government for all the war crimes they mercilessly committed. The trauma our people suffered during the Mullivaikal tragedy was countless. Will we forget the torture, confinement, rape and death that they endured? How can we forget the truth that our people, a year on, are still experiencing these persecutions in those lethal camps?

The reason our people are scattered all over the world in the first place, away from our true homeland, is because of this government and it’s atrocious, selfish and cruel behaviours over seven long decades. What they have done to our people is unforgivable. No nation should have to suffer what the Tamil Eelam nation has. To be told we cannot have what is truly ours is one thing, but to be murdered subsequently is a sin that has to be brought to justice.

As the international community, it is not only our duty, but it is our privilege that we have the opportunity to show the world what kind of a negligent and deadly government the Sri-Lankan government is. We can bring our people or nation to justice. Let’s prove that the Tamil Eelam Diaspora is united, that together we will always keep fighting for our freedom, for our rights and for Tamil Eelam. We will be persistent and efficient in proving that this racist Sri-Lankan government deserves no respect, and should be punished rightfully according to any international law for all their crimes against our innocent Tamil civilians. They will pay for the countless numbers of lives they have annihilated, in so many different ways. Their cowardice collaborations with countries like India and China aided their defeat.

May 18th shall therefore mark the day of not only the Mullivaikal remembrance, but it will more importantly be the day that the Sri-Lankan government gets punished accordingly for its lasting genocide and acts of war. Thus, we must remember our strength, our corner stone who made us believe and realise what we are capable of as a nation. We will establish what our heroes fought and died for, and make our Leader proud. Let us all remember those great words, that “we must not think of You or Me as significant, but Our country as what is significant”.

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