Tamil Diaspora Youth vow solidarity with Kurds against global injustices

The younger generation of Eezham Tamil Diaspora has expressed solidarity with the Kurds, condemning the Turkish State atrocities and the global injustices that criminalize Kurdish resistance. The U.S., NATO, and E.U. made evident, with the exclusion of the PYD from the UN hosted Syria-talks in Geneva in February, their brazen support of their regional ally Turkey, while it is intensifying its six month long war against the Kurdish population of Northern Kurdistan (Bakur). The Western media have also failed the Kurds by avoiding to cover the crimes against the Kurds. Amidst global silence on the ongoing massacres of Kurds, voices of solidarity have emerged from Tamils in the form of a collective response through the opinion platform Tamil Diaspora Youth Network and the Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO) in UK taking part in a national protest on Sunday.

Turkey has also intensified its attacks against the YPJ/YPG in Western Kurdistan (Rojava) and inside northern Syria since last month.

The U.S axis of powers that had hitherto provided nominal military support to the Kurds after the YPG/YPJ emerged as the most powerful non-state military-politico power in Syria and the most effective force fighting the ISIS, have now betrayed the Kurds in the face of their geo-political interests and the considerations of their regional allies, said Kurdish activists who took part in the national protest held in UK.

TYOUK’s Full Speech


I am here to express the solidarity of your Tamil brothers and sisters in Tamil Eelam and the millions strong Tamil diaspora spread across the world. As a community we strongly condemn these horrific atrocities.

It’s not only Turkey and ISIS that are complicit in these latest strew of genocidal campaigns. Britain’s silence makes our government guilty by default.

The world powers, who aid turkey with economical, military and diplomatic help are all equally culpable in this barbaric genocide against the Kurds.

We demand the UK government to sever ties with the Turkish government and lift the ban on the PKK.

Dear comrades in 2009, the fascist Sri Lankan state trapped Tamils into a portion of land and bombarded thousands upon thousands of Tamils, with external lines cut. Any intellectual, journalist or student who dared speak honestly on the abhorrent horrors in the aftermath was silenced through intimidation, failing that assassination. When the Tamil people cried for help, the same international community that fails to act today remained muted then.

Furthermore, supplying Sri Lanka with surplus aid throughout those moments to this present day. Whilst dismissing the representative of the Tamils, the LTTE, as a terrorist faction.

Both our struggles share many parallels in history, ideologies, policies and vision, which makes me as passionate about the Kurdish struggle as the Tamil struggle.

Today, Turkey use ISIS as one of its tools to suppress the Kurdish resistance, a resistance that has expanded beyond solely fighting for the survival of the Kurds. The lofty ideals in arenas such as feminism, ecology and pursuit of social democracy have now made it a fight for so many communities in the region that share the urgent need for real freedom and dignity.

We have already witnessed in Tamil Eelam that It is not possible for a solitary state to implement genocidal activities on this rapid a scale, in today’s modern age. It can be made possible only with the explicit and implicit assistance of several states and the premeditated silence of the international media. We demand the international media to do their job ‘break the silence’ and speak for the victims. Those who fail to oppose and stand in solidarity with Kurds against this coordinated oppression will be on the wrong side of history.

In the post LTTE era, for Tamils, the brave resistance of YPG, YPJ and the strongly resolute Kurdish people give us hope, give us inspiration and give us motivation to continue our struggle with no compromises in principle.

Comrades, we Tamils will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the Kurdish people. Our solidarity will continue to cut through the heavy veil of the Turkey-EU-US geo-political axis and their devious games.

Long live Kurdistan!

Long live Serok Apo!


Full Story: http://tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=79&artid=38173

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