Tamils to commemorate and honour fallen heroes by pinning a Karthigai Poo to their hearts.

November 12th 2011

Toronto – The Karthigai Poo pin modeled after the Gloriosa Lily (Botanical name – Liliaceae
Glory lily), the national flower of Tamileelam has been released by the Tamil Youth
Organization to symbolize and mark the month of November. The month of November is a
tribute to our martyrs, and their immense sacrifice in the ongoing fight to ensure that the Tamils live in peace, dignity and honour in Tamileelam.

The Tamil community, now spread across the globe, is marking the month of November as a
month of remembrance and commemoration. The Karthigai Poo pins symbolizes the sacrifices
of our fallen heroes and by wearing the pins close to our hearts, Tamils seeks to remember over 30,000 of our martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for Tamileelam.

Tamil Youth at various universities, colleges and high schools in Canada have included the release of this flower as part of their celebrations and are seen wearing them at their institutions throughout the month. Furthermore, the Karthigai Poo pins could be found in local business establishments, temples and other significant locations.

‘Remembrance Day is a pious occasion and I am pleased that the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) in Canada has made this available to us. As a Canadian, I now have two flowers I can wear – the poppy flower and the Lily flower. They are both emotionally powerful to me as they both honour our men and women who have sacrificed their lives for the betterment of other people’s future’ said Vithuran Sivaloganathan, President at University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Tamil Students Association (UTSC TSA).

“Karthigai Poo” was designated as the Tamileelam National flower by the Tamileelam administration during the Great Heroes Remembrance Week in November 2003. They had also requested the residents to wear the national flower on all occasions of national significance. They had also urged everyone to grow the Karthigai vine in private homes, public places, business premises, educational institutions and other places in Tamileelam.


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