“Emmuyir Thamile” to promote Ilanthalir 2012

TYO UK proudly presents EMMUYIR THAMILE! lyrics by PulavarSivananthan, Music by Jude Jeyaraj and Sung by: Jackson Bosco. To promote •★• ILANTHALIR 2012•★•

Download here: Emmuyir Thamile

Play: [haiku url=”http://www.tyouk.org/ilanthalir/song/EMUYIR+THAMILE.mp3″ title=”Emmuyir Thamilae”]

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAlxc2HzdeY&feature=youtu.be’]

Produced by: TYOUK
Lyrics by: Pulavar Sivanathan
Music by: Jude Jeyaraj
Sung by: Jackson Bosco

In commemoration of the 25 years of Ultimate Sacrifice TYO UK proudlypresent

•★• ILANTHALIR 2012•★•

An event where the Tamil youth of UK unite as one to treat you to a truecelebration of Eela Tamil identity. Join us in this outburst o

Ilanthalir show promotes “Tamil and Tamileelam” aspects and as such this song was produced to promote Tamil.

Eelam music, Dance, Drama and much more. Together we will cherish the sacrifices made for Tamileelam.

Join us at Oakington Mannor School for trendy, young & refreshingentertainment for small cost of £5. It’s our chance to tell the world we LOVE our nation


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