22 Tamil societies within the UK partnered with TYOUK in order to pay respects to our maaveerar

On Saturday the 20th November, 22 Tamil societies within the UK partnered with Tamil Youth Organisation UK in order to pay respects to our maaveerar as the next generation to follow their light. Kings College London Tamil society head started the youth Maaveerar naal with the raising of the flag following the aha vanakkam. Each student signed a karthigai poo to proudly assert their significance in this world as an Eelam Tamil, something that many of our people from back at home are restricted from.

The first Tamil society out of three that delivered an act was Greenwich. Greenwich’s Tamil Society beautifully portrayed a drama piece, which depicted the trauma of the genocide and exactly the resistance that our maaveerar devoted their lives to protect the Tamil nation from . Then a poem was read by a student of City University Tamil Society. Finally, Surrey Tamil Society performed a bharatanatyam piece to the song ‘Thai mannai muthamida vendum’ where they conveyed the pain and struggle of the Tamil diaspora, who fled their homeland after being stripped of their identity and culture only to be scarred by the nightmares of the torture, murder and genocide they witnessed. Tamil Youth Organisation closed the performances with an enlightening speech to remind and motivate the Tamil youth of today that the war has not ended, we must persist in our fight to attain the homeland that our Maaveerar sacrificed their lives for, Tamil Eelam. To turn a blind eye and continue staying oppressed only means defeat for the persecutors.

The Youth Maaveerar event was concluded with our song of faith, ‘Nambungal Tamil Eelam naalai pirakkum’. The students clapped along to the song in the hope that their fight and thirst for Tamil Eelam will one day be accomplished.

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