TYOUK PR for Maaveerar Naal 2013: We will fight until an independent sovereign state of Tamil Eelam is achieved

Today, I salute the soldiers who fought for my freedom.

Today, I bow to the fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters who put their life on hold so I could have a better life.

Today, I say thank you to the families who supported their loved ones throughout the struggle.

Today as always, I show my gratitude to the fallen heroes of Tamil Eelam.

Let me reiterate a phrase of Our Thalaivar’s reflections. “The Tamil man who lived [formerly] as slave bowing his head to blow after blow and living with shame can now raise his head with dignity. This is to the credit of the greatness of the conduct of our liberation movement.” Today You and I are standing with dignity only because yesterday these Great Heroes, Our Maaveerars chose to give up their sacred lives for the our liberation movement.

We all know very clearly that what is being perpetrated by the Sri Lankan state in our homeland is a planned, systematic attack on the Tamil nation. An on-going genocide is what we are facing. So do not let anyone tell you anything different. I am a victim of genocide. You are a victim of genocide. He, she, them, they all are victims of genocide. And this is exactly what our great heroes, our great Maaveerars fought for, gave their life for. To save us, to free us, from being the oppressed. They stood up for our rights whilst others, like you and I, simply ran away.

Yes all is true but enough of this! We’ve spent 60 years; 60 long years just stating these facts. It’s been 60 years of history; history that talks of the Tamil Nation being destroyed. Every single time it is about the Tamils being killed. It’s about Tamil homes, Tamil children, Tamil’s homeland being destroyed. Enough of this. For how long more? For how long more are we going to be listening to apologies, but see no action. Devastations right from Independence in 1948 has taught us that we, the Tamil Nation, must push for our political aspirations. Then again, 2009 Mullivaaikkaal has again taught us we, the Tamil Nation, must push for our political aspirations. We have the right to choose how we want to live. We have the right to fight for our freedom, our homeland and our sovereignty. And this is what should happen.

The Tamil liberation flame has been passed onto us, the Tamil youth, particularly those of the Tamil diaspora. That is me, you, him and her; us the second generation of Tamils. It is now our duty to carry this liberation flame and fight for the ultimate freedom for our nation. So on this day, as we mark yet another Maaveerar Naal, where we unite to salute our heroes, we as the Tamil Youth Organisation UK choose to reinstate our duty and motives. As TYOUK we will follow the path of our Thalaivar and our Maaveerars and fight until our Tamil nation is free of oppression, stand firmly on our political aspirations which we rightfully chose in the Vaddukottai Resolution of 1976 and uncompromisingly fight until an independent sovereign state of Tamil Eelam is achieved.

Now listen carefully when I say it one more time. I, You, We the Tamil Youth will keep on fighting so Our Maaveerars will also one day finally rest in peace.

Tamilarin Thaagam TamilEela Thaayakam.

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