Thikshi was an inspiring activist.

Thikshi was an inspiring activist, a fierce feminist, an unapologetic Tamil and a dedicated coordinator and member of TYO UK. She encapsulated what it meant to be a modern Tamil woman and a feminist in practice. An activist cherished and admired by her peers and respected with adoration by the youngsters she took under her wing. It’s really rare to find a strong female leader in the Tamil self determination struggle within the diaspora. Even more rare is it to find a Thikshi, a friend and a sister that you can depend on to say it how it is but also be genuinely counted on even when there was no gain for herself.

There were countless projects she originated and toiled for without sleep in the background whilst allowing many others to take the foreground. She was a real fighter but not an egotist in many ways representing the ethos of our national movement. Full of life, emotions, pride and laughter she is someone that will be missed by everyone that had the benefit of calling her a friend.

A true feminist and warrior for the oppressed, she didn’t fight only when she would be applauded. She was fearless, fearless to speak up for others, to speak her truth. At the same time she always carried herself with self respect and didn’t let anyone disrespect her. She was proud of herself, she knew who she was and would not let anyone take that away from her or undermine her. She cared so deeply for her country and sacrificed so much time tirelessly for the dream of Tamil Eelam. In the same vein she supported her peers, loved her peers and lived for her family.

Taken away from us at a tender age she worked hard and had just started her much deserved legal career, she was as much excited of what she could do for her family that she so very much adored as much as the fact that her hard work and positive energy promised to gift her an illustrious career. She was a fighter with an enormous heart. If it was right she has defended even people that she did not know on the grounds of principle.

She was an outstanding human being with integrity personified. She will be missed by her loved ones but also every activist that was blessed to know her presence. She always led by example, she lived with self respect without ego, possessed pride but with humility and her life bought joy to all she had touched. She will be missed, she embodied the struggle in every nuance, the struggle will miss her and TYO UK and all who have passed through it in recent times will sorely miss this powerful young Tamil leader.

With our deepest and heartfelt condolences.

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