Tamil youth mark November as month of remembrance and commemoration

November marks an important month in the hearts and minds of Tamils across the globe.  It is during this month that the first martyr, Lieutenant Shankar, sacrificed his life for the freedom of our people and for the establishment of an independent homeland for Tamils, Tamileelam.  Since the martyrdom of Lieutenant Shankar, thousands and thousands of our heroes have sacrificed their lives so that our Nation could be free from the chains of oppression.  Thus, Tamil Heroes Day (Maveerar Naal) is a day of remembrance and uprising, which encompasses the vast history, Tamileelam was built upon. It is a day to show gratitude for the brave heroes who have made it possible for us to continue walking on this journey towards equality, freedom, and peace. Therefore, November is an important month on the calendar of Tamils.

Tamil youth across the globe have dedicated the month of November as a month of purity and remembrance. During this month, many will bestow their creative abilities and ideas into a full-fledged campaign that will help educate not only the Tamil community but also the non-Tamil community about our rich history, identity, traditions and the immense sacrifices of our fallen heroes.

The month of November is dedicated solely to remembering, commemorating and reflecting on the sacrifices of our fallen heroes.  Therefore, we kindly ask all students, youth and community members to withhold from organising and participating in events not associated with our martyrs as a symbol of respect for their sacrifice.  Furthermore, we urge all Tamil youth to actively participate in all events organised within the community and to unite to achieve a common goal which is to pay homage to the heroes that sacrificed their lives so that we as Tamils could have a better life.  Our heroes gave their lives, so that our people could once gain live in peace and harmony in our homeland.  Let us join hands and continue to fight for the freedom of our people and make our martyrs dream a reality. 

In Solidarity,

Tamil Youth

Tamil Youth Organisation – United Kingdom

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