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War Crimes

The intentional shelling of the Tamil civilians, including hospitals and schools has been made clear by the international organisations. Although the Sri Lankan state, and the Sinhala population vehemently deny that any civilian life was lost, several grisly videos of targeted executions have emerged.

This ethnically targeted massacre of the Tamil nation was not the whim of a few army officials, but the culmination of an entrenched hatred of the Tamil nation, resulting in commands coming from the very top of the Sri Lankan state – in short, war crimes.
Several Wikileaks cables, sent by the US ambassador in Sri Lanka, also hold those, most powerful within the Sri Lankan state, responsible.

The evidence of systematic human rights abuses orchestrated by the Sri Lankan state has led to the UK government, US senators, and several human rights organisations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group calling for an independent inquiry in the possibility of war crimes. 

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War crime video footage by CH4