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History of Tamil Genocide

Since Sri Lanka gained independence from Great Britain in 1948, the Sinhala nation, exploiting its majority status, has sought to oppress and ultimately persecute the Tamil nation.

Successive governments, using the support of an ultra-nationalist Sinhala-Buddhist population, have systematically brought in legislation to undermine the Tamil citizens. Over one million Tamils, of Indian descent were stripped of their citizenship, the Sinhala language was declared to be the official language and Buddhism declared to be the official language.

The Tamil nation’s attempts to peacefully protest against such moves were met with brutal suppression by the police and military. The growing hatred of the Tamils led to several riots by Sinhala mobs, where Tamil people and property were systematically targeted using electoral lists and other governmental documents.

Tamil businesses were damaged and set alight, Tamil homes were looted and Tamil places of worship attacked. Sinhala gangs raped, tortured and murdered Tamil men, women and children, whilst the police stood idly by. In July 1983, arguably the most horrific of all the state sponsored riots against the Tamil nation, 3000 Tamils were massacred. The attackers were never brought to justice.

Following the decades of futile non-violent protest by the Tamil nation and increasing state brutality, the Tamil nation unanimously called for an independent, sovereign Tamil Eelam, in the north-east of Sri Lanka – the long-standing Tamil homeland. Faced with a Sri Lankan state orchestrating the systematic massacre of Tamil civilians, the liberation struggle had no choice but to launch an armed struggle.

Branding any movement against the state ‘terrorism’, the Sri Lankan state began to portray the Tamil nation as a legitimate target in a ‘just’ war against terrorism – an argument that was embraced by a Sinhala population, determined to create their ideal of a Sinhala-Buddhist country. Since the start of armed conflict, several thousands of Tamil civilians were raped, abducted, tortured and murdered by the Sri Lankan armed forces. Despite outcries by international human rights organisations, no one has been brought to justice.


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