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Sport and politics have always been inextricably linked. During the 70’s and 80’s South African sporting teams were shunned by the world during the apartheid era. The country spent nearly 25 years in sporting isolation, being banned from the Olympics, suspended from FIFA and barred from Rugby World Cups, until they ended their apartheid regime.

In 2008, the England & Wales Cricket Board decided to cut off all relations with Zimbabwe cricket, with many players personally opposed to touring. Robert Mugabe's government had committed so many human rights abuses that his cricket team was no longer welcome to this country.

We believe that Sri Lanka should be treated in the same manner. National teams of states act as effective ambassadors of that nation on the international stage. By allowing Sri Lanka to participate in international sporting events, we are legitimising its actions. We are sanitising Sri Lank and drawing attention away from Sri Lanka's crimes committed against the Tamil people.

Playing a match with a country that is due to be independently investigated for war crimes legitimises the on-going human rights abuses and undermines the global effort to hold those responsible to account.


You can make a difference! Check the label before you buy! Inform the store of your decision not to purchase items made in Sri Lanka. Inform your travel agent of your decision not to holiday in Sri Lanka. Join the campaign to Boycott Sri Lankan Cricket.


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War crime video footage by CH4