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URGENT APPEAL for Tamil Nadu flooding

மழை வெள்ள அவசர நிதி சேகரிப்பு தமிழ்நாட்டில் எங்களது உடன்பிறவா உறவுகள் படும் துயர் துடைக்க பிரித்தானிய தமிழ் இளையோர் அமைப்பினால் நிதி சேகரித்து அங்கு இருக்கும் மக்களுக்கு எம்மாலான உதவிகளை செய்வதற்காக எடுக்கப்படும் இவ் சிறிய முயற்சிக்கு உங்களாலான பங்களிப்பை செய்யுமாறு தாழ்மையுடன் வேண்டிக்கொள்கின்றோம். இதுவரை எம்மால் £1205 சேகரிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது, எம்மால் பெற்றுக்கொள்ளப்படும் நிதி... (Continue reading)

Black July awareness act and leafleting campaign

We often get caught up in the moment, forget about how the problem started in the first place and thus fail at trying to overcome it. What we overlook is that to solve the problem, we must remember to address... (Continue reading)

TYOUK demonstrate for Students Uprising Day

The Tamil Youth Organisation United Kingdom (TYO UK), on Sunday, 23rd June 2013, commemorated the 39th death anniversary of the Jaffna student Ponnuthurai Sivakumaran. His commitment, courage and firm determination to fight for the national liberation struggle has inspired many... (Continue reading)

Tamil Youth of UK uphold tamils right to self-determination enforcing it through thier united New Year resolution

The project was initiated with an aim to raise awareness of our stand as Tamil Youth and to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters back home in carrying our struggle forward, i.e. winning the freedom of Tamil Eelam. It... (Continue reading)

British Tamil students marked Youth Maaveerar Naal in Leicester

British Tamil students marked Youth Maaveerar Naal for the first time at the University of Leicester on Wednesday 28th November 2012. An event that has been only taking place in London universities for that past three years has this year... (Continue reading)

Tamil youth in the UK to highlight the violence against the Jaffna University students

A protest march was organised in London from Temple Station to 10 Downing Street on Saturday,  Tamil youth in the UK to highlight the violence against the Jaffna University students by the occupying Sri Lankan military. The Eela Tamil youth... (Continue reading)

“Emmuyir Thamile” to promote Ilanthalir 2012

TYO UK proudly presents EMMUYIR THAMILE! lyrics by PulavarSivananthan, Music by Jude Jeyaraj and Sung by: Jackson Bosco. To promote •★• ILANTHALIR 2012•★• Download here: Emmuyir Thamile Play: [haiku url=”″ title=”Emmuyir Thamilae”] [yframe url=’’] Produced by: TYOUK Lyrics by: Pulavar... (Continue reading)

Youth Centre for Science and Education

[yframe url=’’] Ilajor arivial kalakam – YCSE... (Continue reading)

UK Tamil businesses mark Remembrance Day

Several Tamil-owned businesses across London have decorated their premises in red and yellow – the national colours of Tamil Eelam – in the run up to Remembrance Day on Sunday. Red and yellow bunting has been hung up across store... (Continue reading)

London universities hold ‘Youth Maaveerar Naal’

British Tamil students held an event at London South Bank University on Friday, dedicated to remembering to the young men and women who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for Eelam. Around 70 students gathered at the venue, with representatives... (Continue reading)